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Sat 3rd Jan 2015 - 12:51pm League of Legends General Gaming

Tournament/Scene News:

  • The League Master Series (Garena's new league as part of their 2015 changes to GPL) has wrapped up their qualifiers for the 2015 season. The following teams will have a shot over the next two LMSseasons to qualify for the 2015 World Finals
    • Taipei Assaassins
    • Logitech Snipers (formerly AHQ Snipers/Logitech G Fighter/Taipei Snipers
    • Hong Kong Esports
    • yoe Flash Wolves
    • ahq e-Sports Club
    • DarlingYou
    • TeamHopeLess
    • No Game No Life
  • The G-League 2014 tournament wrapped up in China this week. Here's the results:
    • 1st - EDward Gaming
    • 2nd - Team King 
    • 3rd - Invictus Gaming
    • 3rd - LGD Gaming

Off Season Team News


North America:

  • LMQ has rebranded their team and will know be known as Team Impulse. They still have their seed in the 2015 LCS Spring Split and have the following members currently:
    • Rush - Jungle 
    • XiaoWeiXiao - Mid
    • Adrian - Support 
  • Westrice announced that he would be parting ways with CompLexity .


  • Team WE Academy parted ways with the World Elite brand and formed Master3. The current roster is below:
    • Looper - Top
    • Ruo - Jungle
    • dade - Mid
    • SmLz - AD
    • Lovecd - Support
  • Flame announced that his new team would be LGD Gaming over in China


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