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Mon 8th Dec 2014 - 2:22pm General Garry's Mod Gaming

New Sponsor Serenity Servers.


Hey all,

This is just a small news article to announce KR eSports has registered Serenity Servers as our newest sponsors!

Serenity Servers has offered to supply KR with a 32 slot Gary's Mod server that will be ran by Our newest Partners Triblade Gaming!
Please do head on over to Serenity Servers Twitter, Triblades twitter and give them a follow!! Also if you havent already head on over to Serenity Servers Website and check out all the amazing services they offer!


About SerenityServers

SerenityServers thrive to become the best in the business, we do this by using the bleeding edge hardware available to man, as well as a great support crew to come with it! Read about our team below, get to know who is managing it all!


The story behind SerenityServers is long, so we wont bother you with the full story. However alittle insight wont hurt anybody.

It all started with the owner of the company, looking around to find the host that matched his mind set, wanting both a great price, quality servers and legendary support. It was hard to find the perfect match, so he decided it was about time someone tried to provide an all-in-one package for the people. Not everyone wants to pay an extra 5 dollars, just to get help troubleshooting a plugin, so 4 months of planning, deciding on a name, automating and setup has lead to everything you see today. We are yet to be the largest host out there, but we are getting closer by the second!

Meet the team!


Mikkel is the Founder, Administrative support manager, Lead developer, System Administrator & pretty much everything else. You have most likely all spoken to him, as he does most of the live support, tickets, emails etc.

In his spare time he programs PHP, HTML, CSS & Lua. He also likes to take care of his bonsai tree, long walks on the beach and watching the sun go down over the horizon. Not to mention the time spend managing the company :)

He is currently studying computer science, and has over the years become a certified Cisco network associate, and certified in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 & 7 (if you could get ceritified in Linux, he would be that too.)

Working with large networks and programming has always been a very big dream of his. Hopefully this company will make his dreams come true some day, if not at least he is closer than ever before!

Thank you for reading this, now you know a little more about who is managing it all behind the scenes :)

Serenity Servers
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