Dayz 0.51 Update: What Can We Expect?

Wed 12th Nov 2014 - 2:07am Gaming

November, 10th Dayz 0.51 Update: What Can We Expect?


DayZ 0.51 Patch *should* be implemented on experimental branch the November, 12th.
We will keep this post updated.

This week, the first iteration of the 0.51 Patch should be released on experimental branch. As always, many new items, features and bug fixes are expected. Hopefully the loot respawn and global economy will be enhanced to make persistence a default setting for all servers. Developers are still working hard on the engine, turning scripts into hardcoded elements. Things such as melee, network & interactions should be improved in the future.
Here is the complete list of what we can expect. Keep in mind that nothing is confirmed for the moment.

Dayz 0.51: Possible New Weapons

With this new patch, new weapons will probably appear. First: Steyr AUG, the highly anticipated austrian assault rifle, should be a good alternative to M4/AK series. The SVD Camo sniper rifle has also been confirmed since few months now, however there is no date confirmed for the moment. The MP-133 double grip, little brother of the already famous pump action shotgun, has also good chances to appear inChernarus this month.


Dayz 0.51: Possible Vehicle Implementation

Vehicles. This simple word turns people crazy. Lately, developers teased the community with some gif showing a drivable V3S truck. The vehicle and its mechanics should be implemented in a very basic form first, and before the end the year if everything goes well. As always, nothing is written in the stone.


Dayz 0.51: Possible New Features

Dayz 0.51: Possible New Animals

Dayz 0.51: Possible New Items

Dayz 0.51: Possible New Clothes



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